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Colombia was intimidating and challenging but oh so worth it all. This was one of the only trips that I did not plan. I ended up going last minute with my boyfriend (now fiancé) and four other guys. Looking back, I can’t believe I thought it was okay to crash this boys trip, but IContinue reading “Colombia”


If I could pick one word to describe Peru, it would be diverse. Throughout our nine day journey we biked down mountains, trekked through the rainforest, visited a desert oasis, and tried our hand at surfing. Cusco The charming city of Cusco was our first stop in Peru. We arrived on what was Thanksgiving (hereContinue reading “Peru”


Morocco was definitely a culture shock. This was our last stop on our May 2019 trip after Greece. We flew into Marrakech and quickly found our driver who we had found through our hostel. We planned to visit the coastal town of Essaouira for a few days before returning to Marrakech and flying home toContinue reading “Morocco”

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