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Greece has been at the top of my bucket list since I was a young girl captivated by Greek mythology. Our trip to Greece was amazing and the beautiful country will always hold a special place in my heart because it is where my fiancé asked me to marry him.

We flew to Athens immediately following our time in Slovenia. In hindsight, because the countries are so close together, we wish we would have rented a car and driven down the coast of Slovenia, Croatia, and Greece. Maybe next time!


When asking other people what they thought of Greece, many people said that they weren’t very fond of Athens. However, when my fiancé and I arrived late in the evening, we were happily surprised to be greeted with a lively city square. We quickly checked into our hostel and went back into the city to grab a bite to eat.

We stayed at Students and Travellers Inn while in Athens. This hostel was not the best hostel we had stayed in, but it had a great location in the city. It was okay to stay in for the two nights we were there.

While in Athens, we had a lot of fun just walking around the city. There is so much to see and a lot of fun little shops. We also visited the Acropolis. However, on the day that we went it just happened to be “free museum day” or something in Athens, so there were A LOT of people. It was kind of stressful, but I would assume it isn’t normally like that.


I have been fairly lucky and have not had any major travel hiccups on any of my trips. However, in Athens I almost had my wallet stolen. My fiancé and I were approached by two women selling roses. We politely declined, but the women were getting very forceful and getting very close to us. This is when my fiancé noticed one of the women reaching into my purse. Luckily he called her out and she quickly ran away. Lesson learned to not use an open satchel-like purse while traveling. It is much too easy for someone to reach in, especially when you are not paying attention taking in a new city.


We flew via Volotea from Athens to Santorini. We considered taking the ferry, as it was slightly cheaper, but finally decided to save time by flying. Upon landing, we were picked up by our hostel, Villa Manos. This hostel was really more like a hotel and probably the nicest “hostel” I have ever stayed in. The prices were very reasonable, probably because it was so new and it was kind of in the middle of nowhere.

We arrived at 9 am, so we couldn’t check into our hostel quite yet. So, we ended up doing a day tour organized by our hostel. I think the bus tour was around $50 per person and it brought us to many worthwhile sites. The first stop was Akrotiri, an archeological excavation of an ancient Greek city destroyed by a volcanic eruption. We stopped at a few viewpoints and then went lunch at the black sand beach. After lunch we went to a winery where we did a tasting. Our last stop was the city of Oia. This is the more high end part of the island, probably because it has the best view. Everyone flocks here are the end the day to catch the sunset, which was truly breathtaking. However, I must say that I am glad that we weren’t staying in Oia as the vast number of people and small alleys were quite stressful.

As you may have been able to tell, we normally stay in hostels while traveling. This is because they are usually much cheaper and we normally are so busy we pretty much only sleep there. However, because it was Greece, we decided to splurge a little while in Santorini. Using our credit card rewards, we booked three nights at the Avant Garde hotel (pictured above). This was a very small, luxury hotel with incredible views. It is located on a quieter part of the island which we really enjoyed.

Last Thoughts on Greece

Greece definitely lived up to my expectations. However, I do wish we would have been able to explore some of the other islands.

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