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Solo Camp

I had a free few days this last week, so I decided I needed a change of scenery. I packed up the car and my dog and I set off for Governor Knowles State Forest in Wisconsin.

This was my first time camping by myself. I was a little nervous, but also excited to spend some alone time in nature. The state forest was about an hour drive from Minneapolis, so I got there around 3pm. I reserved campsite 123 on the St. Croix Family Campground, which I honestly think is the best site. It was the most secluded, which is personally my biggest requirement.

After setting up the tent, Koda and I went for a hike on the Raspberry Trail through the forest. We didn’t go too far, but the little bit we did explore was riddled with bridges and small waterfalls.

After hiking, I laid in the hammock for a bit reading Where the Crawdads Sing. I haven’t read too much, but so far it’s pretty good!

I was planning on making a black bean burger and potatoes for dinner, but I forgot my ketchup 😦 so I just made the potatoes. Then I started my fire. It was the first time I’ve started one by myself and it showed… It took me more than an hour to actually get it going.

S’mores are a must have while camping, but I’ve been trying to eat healthier, so I tried a different kind of marshmallow called Smash Mallow. They were pretty good, but I am curious to try the other flavors they have.

I just went for one night, but I think for my first time camping alone that was plenty. I hope everyone else is finding ways to fulfill their travel bug even if it’s not that far from home.

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