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I’m going to be totally honest and admit that I didn’t really know anything about Slovenia prior to my travels there. I’m not even entirely sure why my fiancé and I had decided to go, but we did and it far exceeded my expectations. 


We flew into Ljubljana, the country’s capital city, late at night and took about a 40 minute cab to our hostel near the city of Bled, as there is no Uber in Slovenia. When booking our trip, I was surprised at how few hostels there were in this town as it is a popular tourist destination. However, we found a quaint hostel called Garden House Bled. The workers here were very kind and helpful and allowed us to check in late using a code. 

The main reason we went to Lake Bled was because we were going to climb Mt. Triglav. Unfortunately, when we arrived to Slovenia it was uncharacteristically cold and Triglav had poor weather conditions, so our guide ended up cancelling on us. This left us with a few extra days in Bled that we had to fill. 

The first day we rented bikes and biked a few miles to Vintgar Gorge. This is a park and does have a small entrance fee. Upon entrance you walk around the beautiful turquoise gorge on a  wooden walkway. 

We also hiked up to Bled Castle one evening. The Castle is perched up on a cliff overlooking Lake Bled. Besides the amazing view from the top, there is also a museum, restaurant, and honey shop to check out.  

The final activity we did while in Bled was a day tour of some of the most popular natural attractions in northern Slovenia. This tour was called the 7 Alpine Wonders and we booked it through Altitude Activities. Our guide was very knowledgeable and passionate about Slovenian history and culture. Due to the surprisingly cold weather, most of our stops didn’t have a lot of tourists and there was a dusting of snow which made the experience much more private and magical. I would imagine that in the summertime it gets much busier. Our stops included two waterfalls, the Soca River, two lakes and a short trip to Italy. I truly did not expect these beautiful water features surrounded by majestic mountains. 


Following our time in Bled, we took the bus back to Ljubljana. This was obviously much cheaper than taking a car back. In Ljubljana, we stayed at AdHoc Hostel. This hostel had a great location, but was unfortunately under some pretty major construction during our stay. They gave us a discounted rate, but it would have been nice to have been informed of this prior to our booking. Ljubliana is a beautiful city with a canal running through the middle. We only had one day in Ljubljana, and we pretty much just walked around without a plan and had a great time. We visited the Ljubljana Castle, shopped, and ate a lot of food. We indulged in pizza, ice cream, and some of the best Indian food I’ve ever had. 

Last Thoughts on Slovenia

If Slovenia isn’t on your bucket list, it should be, especially if you love to hike. This small country has a lot of pride and beautiful scenery to take in. 








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